David Hastings (President/Texas PA License 2026010) has 19 years of experience in the insurance adjusting industry, working with major insurance carriers, and has handled over 15,000 losses nationwide. Losses include water, hail, wind, fire, tornado, hurricane, flood, sewer, ice, lightning, earthquake, mold, sinkhole, foundation, sand storm, business interruption, and liability. He originally began his career representing carriers as an independent adjuster, and through the years built his reputation as a preferred adjuster, and was continually requested by numerous insurance companies, managers, and staff to handle large volumes of residential and commercial losses. Mr. Hastings worked extensively with upper level managers of large carriers and managed teams of adjusters when needed. He was held in high regard for his work ethic and his finished product which consistently exceeded expectations.

Through his experiences and everything he learned about the industry, Mr. Hastings welcomed the opportunity to transition into the role of Public Adjuster. He is an expert at negotiating, estimating, and consulting. He is also very knowledgeable in both residential and commercial construction. His skills, expertise, and professionalism enable him to confidently and effectively assist clients in achieving positive outcomes. He is driven to help clients navigate the claims process and will work diligently to provide individualized service and results.