Why can't my agent make sure I get a fair settlement?

You probably bought your insurance from your agent or broker because of his friendship and/or salesmanship. While the agent’s expertise is in connection with the marketing of insurance policies, he or she does not have the experience nor the obligation to render adjusting services. In fact, we have seen many times where the insurance company demanded that the agent stay out of the adjustment process. They were told to mind their own business. When everything is said and done, agents cannot do much to help, and they are very wrong if they suggest otherwise.


Many people are shocked when they learn that most agents are paid an annual bonus if their claims are kept below a certain percent, known in the industry as the profit/loss ratio bonus. This naturally creates an undisclosed conflict of interest. With the agent having a personal financial interest in your claim, the more he or she helps you, the more he or she hurts himself or herself. However, agents who are aware of our professionalism and expertise, and who have the interest of the Insured at heart, will never discourage them from employing our services. In fact, they often highly recommend us, as they, themselves, have utilized our services many times after being a victim of a loss. Beware of anyone who advises you not to seek assistance from someone with our successful track record who works exclusively for you and your benefit.



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