If I employ a Public Adjuster, will it cause problems or delays?

The vast majority of our claims are conducted and concluded in the spirit of professionalism and mutual respect with the insurance company’s representative(s). However, if the company does not want to be reasonable, we will under no circumstances capitulate to any unreasonable demands or positions they take. If there are any problems or delays in your claim, they are the same problems which would exist whether or not we are involved.


We, however, because of our experience would know the best way to minimize certain problems or delays, and often, just by our involvement, many problems are avoided before they develop. While some unethical adjusters may discourage you from employing a Public Adjuster (who is licensed and certified by the Department of Insurance), statistics are quite clear that Public Adjusters, almost without exception, assist in obtaining extremely higher settlements for the Insured, not to mention the time and turmoil the Insured is saved. It is beyond dispute that if any adjuster or agent prefers that you do not hire a Public Adjuster, it cannot possibly be your interest they have in mind.



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