Shouldn't I wait until the insurance company makes an offer to determine whether I need your services?

If you are substantially underinsured and it is quite obvious that you will obtain the limits of your policy, then, of course, you should wait. In situations like that, that is always our advice to you. However, many people make a serious error by delaying the retainment of professional assistance. The earlier we are involved in a claim, the smoother the adjusting process generally proceeds.


The insurance company often will not take certain positions when we are involved that they may try to take when we are not. In addition, it takes a great amount of work to determine exactly what is fair, and most people simply do not have the necessary expertise to determine whether or not a company’s offer is fair and accurate. Sadly we see many people who handle their own claims accept what we know are clearly low offers (sometimes less that 50 cents on the dollar), and yet are still quite happy with the settlement.


We have also found quite often that the longer a person waits, the more stress and duress he or she is under. Every day many people accept substandard offers just to get the bad experience over with. This is not the best position to be in when you try to negotiate your claim. Bad settlements need not happen.



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