If I work directly with the insurance company’s adjuster, won't I get the same results?

Most likely, no.



Insurance companies hire and train their adjusters to MINIMIZE your loss. Their adjusters work for the insurance company NOT for the homeowner. How likely is it that a person will get the maximum settlement to which he is entitled by using the insurance companies` own adjusters? Do not be misled.



The insurance company will try to minimize your loss utilizing several misleading tactics. They can try to convince you to repair the damage rather than replace it. They can "overlook" some damage knowing that the burden of proof is on the insured not themselves. They can estimate the repair cost at a much lower rate than it will actually cost. It is simply too easy to underestimate the true cost of the repair by yourself. They can agree to replace only the damaged portion although it won't quite match the rest of the house. You are entitled to repair or replace the damage to a pre-damaged condition - you don't pay those premiums for a patch up job. They can deny coverage because of an inadvertant slip of the tongue. Most people won't argue with their insurance company.



Most people don't even know that they are being misled. That is why you need a public adjuster.



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